Evasive Driving Course


  • Date & Time : On Demand | 0900 to 1700
  • Duration : 02 Days
  • Venue : Islamabad
  • Suitable For : Drivers and Security Staff

Registration Fee :
PKR 50,000/- Per Participant

The EDC is another kind of driving course. It is recommended for those who operate under hostile conditions or antici­pate threats to their vehicles and passen­gers.

It is a comprehensive hard-surface driv­ing program designed to prepare drivers to react instinctively in hostile situations. The training enables students to expand their awareness beyond the confines of the vehicle. This course also includes DDC techniques, as the whole purpose of our training is to safeguard the passen­ger/VIP travelling in the vehicle. Skid control is also a segment of this control beside other manoeuvres.

Proximo Driving Courses start with class­room instruction to familiarize the
student with the aims of the driving course and the exercises they will be un­dertaking. However, most of the course is practically based, with the intended out­come of improving the hands behind the wheels




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