Driving Glasses

These glasses are different than the other cheap glasses available here in Pakistan. These glasses fitted with polarized glass and it really helps the user in viewing the surroundings more clearly. Participants of 'Defensive Driving Course and Evasive Driving Course' are shown with these glasses and strongly recommends the organization hosting the trainings for buying of these glasses for their employees.

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Field Chairs

Field chairs are available almost in every city of Pakistan. Prices and quality of these chairs varies even in a same city. Proximo Trainers are providing the best quality and at fix rate. These chairs are available in our stalk and can be delivered in Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan in 7 days after the receiving the payments. These are refundable and can be sent back in 7 days but without causing the damage and use.

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Security Guard Stick

These sticks are best for your security guards. These sticks are also available in many major cities of Pakistan. These helps the guard and beautify his uniform. It is fitted with a torch.

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Security Guard Torch

These torches can be used by the guards of your company/organization. These torches are available in major cities of Pakistan. Torches with Proximo Trainers are unique as these are made by a recognized company. Torches have rechargeable batteries.

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Teaser Gun

Teaser Guns are the best weapons available to guards of your company. Like guard stick it does not only beautify their uniform but also helps in executing their work. These teasers can be used when the security guards does not have the order of firing during any extreme situation. Proximo Trainers demonstrate its use and impact when conducting the security guards trainings.

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Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie sets are not available every where in Pakistan. These are authorize walkie talkie sets and their range in open area is up to 3 km. In office buildings these can easily work for a KM.

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