Proximo Associations

We have associations with leading security companies around the globe.

At the national level, our associated companies can provide our clients with well trained Security Guards and Security Gadgets. And our international associates can facilitate our clients with their qualitative trainings.

Situational Reports

Ever since the incidents that rocked the world on September 11, 2001, Pakistan has been on the forefront of the war against terror. This war has provided a breeding ground for all forms of terrorist and hazardous security issues anyone can imagine.


The safety of business as well as human resources has been compromised and requires a specific targeted approach towards ensuring the well being of corporations, their assets and human resources.


This is where Proximo Security Services fills the void to ensure that businesses and corporations are fully prepared to deal with these hazards.


In this backdrop, Proximo provides services to corporate clients based on our Security and Situational Reports. These reports encompass security issues covering all districts of Pakistan.


In specific cases, based on our client’s needs, Situational Reports are provided for clusters (Number of Distircts) of districts providing an overview of the entire Security environment of these clusters.


When you sleep we work?

  • Security Alerts
    We provide the alerts round the clock and these are provided immediately after the occurrence of the incident. These alerts can be sent through Mobile SMS and followed by email with details.

  • Alerts with Updates
    Depending upon the relevance of the incident with our client kind of work, we monitor the progressing developments after the main incident. The updates are provided after a suitable time gap

  • Analyitical Reports
    Security Alerts sent through emails also have the analytical portion, so that our partners working in the field can understand the background of the incidents. Analytical reports to that provides an overview of the incidents are supported with graphs.

  • Customised Trainings
    Depending upon the threats, risk associated and vulnerabilities of our member organizations, we deliver safety and security trainings to member organizations. Our members get 15% discount in all safety and security trainings.