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First of all let me thanks to Proximo Security Services Group who guided and helped me in achieving my dream job. I am Qaiser Ikram working for some International Organization in Islamabad. Before joining I sent my CV to many offices and was not shortlisted and alwaysthought that it is all Safarish. Anyhow, I came to know about Proximo Security Services Group and after a little investigation I forwarded my Resume for their feedback. After a couple of days, the Proximo persons informed me about the mistakes and issues in my resume and then they took over the responsibility. After a week, they sent me the resume with many changes from my previous written resume and it was owsome. And now I am 100% sure that if i apply anywhere I will get shortlisted. Once again I take the this opportunity to say thanks to all Proximo Team for this wonderful service for professionals like me.

Your Sincere
Qaiser Ikram

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Principles to Follow

A good curriculum vitae - or CV - is vital when looking for a job, especially when there are numerous candidates for the same job, so what should it contain? How should your CV make you outstanding from other applicants? What should be the length of the CV? What should become part of your CV and what should you refrain from writing in your CV? These are very important questions and applicants looking to attain Professional jobs must pay attention to these questions. There are five priciples for producing the best CV/Resume and these are:

  • Professionalism
    It should look like a CV of professional and don’t put anything that would cause the reader to think you don’t take your job search seriously
  • Quantify Accomplishments
    Always mention your achievments and never assume that reader will understand it at his his own. Quantify your achievements and responsibilities.
  • Stay on Target
    Focus the write-up towords the profession. Avoid adding extra to the resume/CV. Translate your responsibilities/experiences to match the job needs.
  • Treat it as a Living Document
    In today’s competitive world a CV needs to stand out from the crowd and speak for itself. Personal information, education, experience must attract the attention of the recruiter. 
  • Keywords/ Industry Language
    Every business, Organization and set-up have their own official words/language. Use of keywords will gain more attention and chances of shortlisting CV for the next phase of selection process. 
  • Integrity                                     Resume is specifically designed to paint the best picture. It should have the honest statement of best qualities of the applicant. Facts must be believable and there must be harmony in the contents.

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CV Checklist

Each point below needs a thorough understanding. These are listed below for the readers to have an idea about the checklist for a CV.

If you are preparing your CV/Resume without expertise then do remember these points for the concise and comprehensive product or contact us for guidelines.


  • Spellings
  • Layout
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Details
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • References

Proximo Services

A successful resume needs to SELL you over and above your peers and create a sense of urgency for the reader to pick up the phone to call or email you to for further processing of the selection.

Otherwise, the alternative is the reader scans the resume, thinks, "Yeah, this person has a good background" and then moves on to scan the next resume, pitching your resume in the old circular file.

Proximo Service Group offers their time tested services for persons like you. We will prepare your errorless resume keeping all the principles in view. Our prepared CV will definitely increase the chances of shortlisting to manifolds. Our consultants are also providing the online coaching for the preparation of the interview.

Common Mistakes

As experienced job seekers know, the CV is a critical first point of contact in the hiring process. It is an individual’s envoy to the business world, with a mission to succinctly communicate to a potential employer what it is that sets him or her apart from others vying for the same position.

It also is a convenient and efficient way for hiring managers to determine, at a glance, if a job applicant is worthy of further consideration.

Yet the CV is often where the mistakes of many aspiring professionals prevent them from impressing, or even getting noticed. Following are some common CV mistakes professionals should avoid. These “no-no’s” can ruin your chances of landing an interview, and some may even tarnish your professional reputation: