Abduction & Crises Management Training

This training is for one/two days. In this training, you will be oriented about the high kidnapping areas, types, trends, etc. Pakistan is considered a high kidnapping country in the world and the motives behind each kidnapping varies. In many cases, the management by the victim's organization becomes extremely difficult, if the organization does not have the trained security professional. Part of this training is delivered in the security management course.

Anti Terriorism Evasing Driving Courses (ATEDT)

This course teaches you the professional driving skills which are mandatory to avoid the hostile situations. The knowledge of these techniques starts from the understanding of your vehicle capabilities and the necessary preparation this needs for these techniques. Preparations of the vehicles does not need expenditure rather it only requires changes in the daily maintenance practices. This course is hands-on and designed to educate, coach, and evaluate the driver in Proximo Tactical Driving Techniques.

Bomb Threats Planning and Incident Management

Receiving to bomb threat and responses against the bomb incidents is always a scary deal and tricky to handle. It needs a much better understanding and timely responses at all levels than any other kind of threat. In many cases the impact of a bomb blast was very high due to mishandling of the threats/ situation. There is a way to success and it can reduce the impact.