About Us


We provide travel advisories and briefings to organizations. These services are provided on monthly basis. We are present in all parts of Pakistan. Companies and organizations who are availing these services are associated with us from many years. Our monthly or yearly services costs the outfits lesser as compared to those who have safety and security integral departments. The services are highly recommended for those who have no dedicated safety and security professional with them. The cost of the services are PKR 40,000/month.


Mission: To provide quality and relevant courses, services, advisories, security briefings.

Explanation: Our mission will help the individuals, organizations, teams and groups to understand how to secure themselves, assets and operations from unforeseen situations.

Proximo Vision

Why Proximo Trainers (Pvt) Ltd ?

Our Training / Courses leads to an enhanced ability to identify and manage risks, leading to reduced costs and enhanced performance. Participants more in numbers from an Organization/Company or a big group will reduce the training cost.

We believe in quality. Each and every part of the courses or services have been measured again and again in terms of the quality. The quality of each part is such that it leaves a definite impact on the participants.

Our courses and services don't create hype, we deliver the relevant and doable sessions. This makes us unique from many others. The relevancy with quality leave impact on the organizations.

Small group sizes ensure that individual learning needs can be addressed for all attendees. We suggest maximum 10 to 20 members per training so that each and every individual gets full attention.

Proximo offers in-house trainings. Our qualified and updated Trainers carry out Training Assessment followed by qualitative Trainings. These In House Trainings are not mentioned in our Training Calendar.

Our trainers have over 15 years of theoretical and practical experience in management of courses. By virtue of their experience they have become masters of their respective fields.

Where We Work?

Proximo Trainers (Pvt) Ltd, started their work in year 2008. We were very small in terms of our team but now we are consisted of big team and working from Islamabad (Pakistan). A small but dedicated and committed team worked day & night to achieve a respectable position among the clients. We achieved our popularity through quality and relevancy of our work. We train people and communities against crimes and Safety/Security issues. Up till December 2019, the organizations and people that we trained are located five countries of Asia Our Trainer team consists of five trainers at the moment supported by a number of supporting staff in Islamabad office.