Proximo Security Alerts

Proximo Travel Advisory and Security Breifing


We conducted the courses for United Nations Agencies and the participants arrived from five countries. We were registered with UN Vendor Management System before the conduction of these courses. .
We trust that we are the only one in our region, we have successfully conducted the courses in safety and security subjects.

Travel Advisory

Proximo Team consisting of quality staff are providing travel advisory and real-time situation awareness. These services are provided to our registered companies and organizations. In developing and complex situations, business executives, foreigners and key staff members are often targeted for criminal reasons, militant objectives and in some cases due to political reasons. The qualified and experienced staff provide the travel advisory to the registered companies or organizations. They identify the threats from accurate incident database and then share the mitigation measures. Along with this service, they reach and deliver the security briefing to the staff who are not well aware of the threats prevailing in areas of their work.

We work for your safe travelling

We identify the threats and risk associated with them. These include natural hazards, political situation, crime surge, past trends in militancy, threats announced by the authorities, etc. All of the above are identified from the accurate database. We have six year old incident database and this provides a base for us in developing the brief and advisory.

We are providing this service to three valuable organizations working in Pakistan. Briefing to their guests or foreigners are provided after the arrivals and is the first event in their itinerary.

Security Alerts sent through emails also have the analytical portion, so that our partners working in the field can understand the background of the incidents. Analytical reports to that provides an overview of the incidents are supported with graphs.

Security Briefing for Expats in Lahore